The Little Geek Learning Bundle


I call this the Little Geek Learning bundle as it features 4 great board books that all teach something. Colors, Counting, Alphabet and Opposites! All of the nerdy bases are covered to start with your little one.

Harry's Magical Colors
A simple story book that illustrates the fandom of Hogwarts while teaching simple colors.
Harry's white owl and Hermoine's yellow wand are featured in this high quality board book along with the purple knight bus and more! 

Counting with the Doctor!

A simple "Count to 12" board book that illustrates the each of the fascinating incarnations of the doctors along with specific friends and foes.
All 12 doctors are featured in this high quality board book along with Daleks, Cybermen, Ooods and more! Geronimo!

Federation Alphabet

This children's fandom board book is an introduction into the characters of the fandom that started it all, Star Trek! This board book illustrates the characters such as K for Kirk, P for Picard, B for Bird of Prey, Q for Q and of course T for Tribbles. Federation Alphabet has elements from the original series as well as The Next Generation and Voyager. 

Alliance EMPIRE!
A simple kids story book that introduces young ones to the characters of the Star Wars Universe and identifies how they differ from each other. It teaches Opposites! Main characters from the original trilogy are featured in this high quality board book from Luke and Leia to Boba Fett and Jabba! It also has popular phases from each character. 

The book features seven full color spreads and is the perfect book before bedtime. The size of the book is 5.625 x 5.625 making it easy to grasp for small hands and easy to pack for Grandma's house, daycare, school or anywhere! This is no ordinary children's board book, Made in USA and meets ASTM and CPSIA safety requirements. LIMITED QUANTITIES ON THIS FIRST RUN. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PART OF THE SELECT FEW!

Why kids books from My First Fandom?

Fandoms are EVERYWHERE! Everyone has their favorite show or following but many times the content may be a little too much for young eyes. MyFirstFandom is here to bridge the gap from little hands to big fandoms! Starting out with simple board books, you can count along with the Doctor or follow along with Sam and Dean. Bright colors, simple illustrations and easy, family friendly, concepts for the young ones or that one of a kind novelty gift for the older ones. You are never too young or old for MY First Fandom! Perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Siblings and more!